Curious about my teaching style and abilities?  Find out what students are saying after attending my cooking classes!
I thoroughly enjoyed the instructor.  Her knowledge and technical expertise were excellent resources and though she has a culinary degree, she wasn’t intimidating at all! I felt very safe and she had a ton of tips and I really enjoyed her teaching style.  I really appreciated the class size and the individual attention. ~ Let’s Get Saucy
Added a lot of extra information to the basic recipes, solid teaching! ~ A Bowl of Soup
Very friendly, approachable and clear ~ A Bowl of Soup
Very knowledgeable and well prepared.  Very helpful class, I learned a lot! ~Knife Skills
Very well educated and knew what to do.  Very helpful and encouraging.  Extremely well organized.  
The class was amazing!  So much fun and I learned a lot.  I can’t wait to use these recipes and techniques at home. ~ Cooking with the Season
Extremely knowledgeable and able to keep students engaged; provided extra tips ~ Spanish Supper
Excellent, friendly and well prepared ~ Spanish Supper
I do not see much to improve because the class is already very good ~ French for Beginners
Anna was very friendly, informative and kept class on track.  Excellent teacher ~ French for Beginners
Thanks!  I feel much safer in my kitchen now! ~Knife Skills
I really enjoyed your teaching style.  Informative, but hands on and casual.  Thank you! ~ Health Starts Here
Very helpful and I learned a lot!  I will definitely be coming back. ~ Vegetarian Cuisine
Anna brings a real passion to the class! ~Knife Skills
I really liked the hands on cooking.  The instructor was fabulous.  Enjoyed very much! ~Cooking with the Season
Anna, you are terrific, magnificent, superb culinary educator.  You have quite the talent! ~Rethink Vegetarian
Anna does a good job interacting and adapting and included everyone in class ~ Let’s Get Saucy
I really felt like she cared about whether or not we retained the information.  She was very relaxed and the flow of the class felt good.  I can’t wait to come back! ~ Spanish Tapas
This is a total winner!  I learned a lot and I’m excited to try the new recipes out. ~ Cinco de Mayo
I really enjoyed this!  It was great food, great demonstration.  And I like how you invited us to participate.  There’s nothing like actually doing it to fully understand the technique.  Everything was perfect! ~ Southwestern Cuisine Made Healthy
Very good teaching style!  Excellent about explaining basics ~ Southwestern Cuisine Made Healthy 
Easy going, good descriptions.  I would encourage others to take your classes! ~Cooking with the Season
Very knowledgeable of healthy foods.  I learned a lot about cooking healthy.  Anna made this a very enjoyable experience.  I enjoyed the food and learned a lot. ~ Health Starts Here
Very commanding, hands on, and knowledgeable.  Very well prepared. ~ Cooking with the Season
Very knowledgeable and gave lots of good insights.  Excellent, hands-on approach.  No suggestion for improvement.  Exceptional teacher and great menu selection. ~ Cooking with Your Valentine
Smooth and thorough.  Very organized and confident. ~ Cooking with Your Valentine
Anna’s class was very informative and enjoyable.  Wouldn’t change a thing. ~ Cooking with the Season
Able to be versatile and offer optional additions and substitutions.  I liked that we got to eat a full meal, not just a taste. Hope to come to more classes. ~Cooking with the Season
Excellent!  Explained little nuances of cooking different things.  Very hands on and fun.  I really enjoyed the class and Anna as instructor.  I will take more! ~Heart Healthy
I liked how you had done research on the foods – very informative.  Casual, not too formal which was very inviting. ~ It’s All Greek to Me
Instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject.  We learned a lot!  Class flowed effortlessly.  This was my friend and I first class and we loved it!  We are definitely coming to another one soon! ~ It’s All Greek to Me
Thoroughly answered our plethora of questions.  Very pleasant instructor.  Organized, yet able to converse at the same time. ~ Rethink Vegetarian 
Did her homework and was creative in coming up with substitutions.  Very easy going, low key and patient.  Great knowledge overall.  You know your stuff!  Had a great time and look forward to coming to more classes!  Love the hands on – people learn a lot more when they have to actually experience the experience, so to speak.  Thanks again. ~ Supper Club
Thank you!

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