It’s no wonder I’ve named my blog Snacking in the KitchenI love to snack! Whether in between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, or dinner and bedtime, snacking offers a quick, easy, fun, and, most importantly, satisfying way to feed yourself and your friends and family. So, when Sabra approached me to develop a recipe with their hummus to celebrate National Hummus Day and highlight their Unofficial Meal concept, I jumped right in.

Bagel Bites with Sabra Hummus and Lamb (4)

I drew inspiration for this recipe from one of my favorite breakfast plates: a toasted bagel with cream cheese, lox, sliced cucumber, red onion, and capers. I replaced the bagel with bagel chips, used braised lamb in place of salmon, and finally, loaded Sabra’s Rosemary with Sea Salt Hummus with chopped up cucumber, capers, and red onion.

Give this a try and I bet you’ll be right there with me celebrating National Hummus Day!

Bagel Bites with Sabra Hummus and Lamb (5).JPG

Sabra Rosemary with Sea Salt Hummus Bagel Bites


1 cup Sabra Rosemary with Sea Salt Hummus
1/4 cup chopped English cucumber
2 tablespoons chopped capers
1 tablespoon minced red onion
bagel chips
1/4 cup chopped Braised Lamb Shanks
fresh dill for garnish


1.  Mix hummus with cucumber, capers, and onion.

2.  Spoon hummus over bagel chips, top with lamb, and garnish with dill

3.  Eat!

Bagel Bites with Sabra Hummus and Lamb (1).JPG


Didn’t I promise this was going to be quick and easy? Try the recipe and let me know how you’re celebrating #NationalHummusDay and #UnofficialMeal. And be sure to get a $2 off coupon from Sabra to help your celebration.


Bagel Bites with Sabra Hummus and Lamb (3).JPG

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. Sabra has provided samples of hummus and compensation for the recipe development. All opinions are my own.