Sun Basket Grilled Sausages

Grilled Sausages with Red Pepper Chutney and Braised Kale

My name is Anna, and I’m to this point I was a meal delivery virgin. A short conversation with the marketing team from Sun Basket changed my status. I picked three recipes from their website and had them ship to my house within a few days. I cooked all three recipes within a week, sharing one with a friend, and splitting the other two into several meals (leftovers!).

Here are my thoughts.


  1. On time delivery.
  2. All ingredients are included (other than salt, pepper, and oil).
  3. Fresh, organic, seasonal produce and animal proteins.
  4. Generous portion amounts.
  5. Easy to follow recipes that result in flavorful, healthy, satisfying meals.
  6. No wasted food.
  7. Each recipe introduces you to an ingredient you might not be familiar with.
  8. Accurate times for preparations and cooking, most recipes are done in 40 minutes.

Chicken Garam Masala with Yogurt and toasted Naan


  1.  Be sure to read through the entire list of ingredients and directions first. You can save a bit of time by changing up the steps and prepping the ingredients while cooking.
  2. Cut down on oil. Most steps in the recipe asked for 2 tablespoons of oil to sear or saute. You can easily cut this down to 2 teaspoons.
  3. Taste as you go.
  4. For some dishes, like the Chicken Garam Masala, I cooked a side of rice. The Grilled Sausages were for dinner, and I almost topped it off with a sunny side egg.


I would genuinely recommend Sun Basket for families or individuals who want to try new recipes. With this delivery system you can choose between paleo, vegetarian, and gluten free recipes. Enjoy!


Shrimp Coconut Curry with Purple Potato

I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. Meals were provided to me at no cost.