Seattle Nosh Fish and Chips

This might come as a surprise to my London friends, but I am serious when I say that Nosh the Truck in Seattle has better fish and chips. Fish and chips is one of those simple and basic food pairings like peanut butter and jelly, chocolate cookies and milk, and wine and cheese. They go perfectly well together and make up for a very pleasing and enjoyable experience.

I look for several things when it comes to fish and chips. The fish has to be flaky, piping hot, encased in a golden crispy coating. Although the fish is fried, it should still taste light and airy, not greasy. And it has to be perfectly seasoned, with salt, as soon as it comes out of the fryer.

And the chips? The potato fries must be crisp and tender on the inside. The double frying method works best to achieve this.

Both the fish and chips from Nosh lived up and exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I could do without the side of mashed peas, but when in London… (or Seattle).

The next time you see the food truck parked by your office, don’t be put off by the long line (as there’s bound to be one). Do wait and order this British delicacy.