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Planting tomatoes with oxo gardening tools (9)

The last couple of days in Seattle felt like we were in the midst of summer. Blue skies above us. Flip flop temperature. Late warm evenings when it’s still light outside. This gave me a green light to plant tomato starters on my patio. Last year, planting the tomatoes was a bit challenging. The problem? I didn’t have the right tools. I might have used an old screw driver, a butter knife and a plastic cup to do the digging.

This year? Things got easier! Thank you to the good folks at OXO who sent me the beautiful, durable, user-friendly Outdoor Gardening Set for testing. As a disclaimer, I got the set for free. The opinions of this post are all my own and were not paid for.

Ready to get started?

Planting tomatoes with oxo gardening tools (3) Planting tomatoes with oxo gardening tools (5)

I’ve had the large pots of dirt sitting out through the winter. Abandoned. Before planting the tomato starters, I used the oxo watering can (beautiful blue color!) to give the dirt a nice soaking. Notice the spout? It actually rotates backwards and fits nicely with the body of the water can – easy storage! The can holds about 2 gallons of water so you don’t have to fill it up too many times before getting all your watering duties done.

Full details: Outdoor Pour and Store Watering Can

  • Spout rotates back toward the body for easier filling and space-efficient storage
  • Water levels in the clear spout line up with measurement markings on the body for easy measuring
  • Continuous soft, non-slip handle for a comfortable, secure grip when carrying and pouring at all heights
  • Removable rose attachment stores conveniently in the back of the Can
  • 2.11gal/8L capacity

Next tool? Cultivator! The name is fitting of a super hero, don’t you think? I hardly had to do anything, the tool did all the work in loosening up the soil and getting it ready for the plants.


  • Perfect for stirring and loosening soil, and pulling up weeds
  • Constructed of high-quality stainless steel for durability and strength
  • Two outer prongs longer than center prong to easily maneuver around plant stems
  • Comfortable, two-position handle provides extra strength and reach when striking and pulling

And finally, it was time to plant the little starters. Enter the trowel. Shiny, super sturdy and easy to hold.


  • Constructed of high-quality stainless steel for durability and strength
  • Comfortable handle is non-slip, even when hands are wet
  • Cushioned handle absorbs pressure while digging
  • Large measurement markings at one-inch and one-centimeter intervals are easy to read
  • Trowel head is large for efficient digging and serrated edges make it easy to open bags and cut roots

Planting tomatoes with oxo gardening tools (7)Planting tomatoes with oxo gardening tools (6)

I look forward to seeing the tomatoes grow and using the OXO tools in my other gardening projects throughout the summer.

Planting tomatoes with oxo gardening tools (2)

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