Spring is here! Earth Day is right around the corner. It’s time to get your garden growing. But where does one start? I suggest starting with herbs. It’s easy, rewarding, inexpensive and you’ll reap daily rewards in your kitchen.

How to regrow herbs at home

Rosemary and thyme growing on a window sill. Rooted and grown from a plastic clam herb packages.

I’ve tried growing herbs from seed. And while mostly successful, it takes a long time. The other option is to buy herb starters from your local nurseries or grocery store. That is a good option but you might not feel as smug about your diy abilities.

Here, I present option #3. You know those plastic clam herb containers you can find at your grocery store? Will you believe me if I tell you that you can root them and plant them to turn into potted herbs? Believe!

Last year, I successfully rooted sprigs of Italian and Thai basil and enjoyed a summer full of pesto, basil salads, dressings and Caprese salad.

This year I decided to try the same trick with rosemary and thyme. I simply placed sprigs of rosemary and thyme in glasses of water and waited for the roots to appear. Be sure to change the water and get rid of any fallen leaves.

Once the roots are about an inch long, go ahead and plant the herbs in a pot or ground. If planted in pots, these guys get pretty thirsty, so be sure to water them regularly. For now, I’m keeping them on my window sill. Once the weather stabilizes a bit and it gets warmer outside, I’ll move the pots to my balcony.

Curious what I’ll be doing with all the rosemary and thyme? I’m thinking rosemary potatoes, thyme roasted chicken, herbed ricotta, and so much more.

How to regrow herbs at home2

As a little bonus, here’s a photo of my succulents. I’ve been regrowing the “babies” the same way as discussed earlier for the herbs. Once the babies are formed on the “mother” plant, carefully cut them off and root in a bit of water. Then, plant in dirt and watch them grow!

How to regrow succulents at home

Mama and baby succulents. A little family.

Give this a try and share your photos of growing herb garden.