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How to Preserve Herbs ~ Freezing3

How is it that there is always a bag of herbs, slowly wilting in my fridge?  I try my best to use them up, wash and dry them ahead of time, but still I fail.  It seems that almost weekly I end up throwing out bunches of cilantro and parsley.  I’m sorry my dears! I wish I would have taken better care of you.

In the past, to solve this unfortunate death, I’ve made pesto, and froze it in ice cube trays for later use in sauces, soups, etc.  But what if I didn’t want to use oil, salt, pepper, garlic, etc. to store the herbs?

In comes my friend Dana.  When visiting her home, I peaked into her freezer to find a glass jar with something green inside.  Turns out it was parsley!  Dana claims her family has been using this freezer method to preserve herbs for ages.  Good enough for them?  Good enough for me!


The method is quite simple.  You start by thoroughly washing and drying herbs.  A salad spinner works like a charm, or you could dry them in multiple layers of kitchen towels.  If you would normally not eat the stems of the herb you are preserving, go ahead and discard the stems (or better yet, save them in the freezer to flavor soups and stocks).

All clean and dry?  It’s time to get chopping.  I used my mini food processor to chop the herbs, but you can certainly use a knife.  I’d suggest going for a rough chop vs a mince, you don’t want to release too much juice.


Once you are all chopped up, transfer the herbs to a freezer-safe container.  You might want to even label and date the containers.  Try freezing individual herbs  or make a blend of a few.

They stay bright green and fragrant.  So much better than premature death, don’t you think? 🙂

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