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Happy Valentine’s Day.  I hope that we all have the love in our lives worth of appreciating and celebrating.  Whether it’s the love of the parents, siblings, friends, or platonic.  Let’s wish someone in your life happy love day.


And with that, how about a cupcake?  I worked on this recipe video for Allrecipes.com and today is the perfect day for sharing!  With the recipe, I would recommend using a regular yellow cake (instead of white), or your own from-scratch recipe.  The layering of colors is not as intimidating as it might look or sound – just take your time, and be careful of not inserting too much air into the cupcakes.

These are the perfect fun and decorative cupcakes to make for any holidays – just change the color scheme and you have Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter cupcakes at your disposal.

Recipe: Sweetheart Cucpakes


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