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Why are the Snowmen sad?  Because they are melting!  These just might be the cutest decorated cookies you will see this year.  I got to work on this video with Allrecipes and decorate each one of these cuties, one by one.
melted snowman cookies recipe and video
The recipe for Melted Snowman Cookies is easy enough.  It uses two dozens of sugar cookies that you can bake and cool yourself, or pick them up from your favorite bakery.  And since the cookies are covered almost completely by the icing, feel free to try this with chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal.

When making the cookies for our video, we decided to skip the steps of microwaving the marshmallows.  Ours looked droopy enough and easily stuck to the icing.  This also saved us a few minutes – and who can argue with the saved time?

The best part of this project is certainly decorating!  Use your favorite colored decorating gels to add eyes, mouths, carrot nose, hands and outfit to each Snowman.  I’d recommend making a few extra for practice.

melted snowman cookies recipe and video 2

For a more believable presentation, we arranged these cookies on a bed of shredded coconuts and dusted with confectioners’ sugar.  Let it snow!  And may you have a very happy holiday season!

For step-by-step directions, be sure to watch the video.

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