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Confession time.  While Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, I will actually be spending it away this year, in Canada.  I am truly sad to be missing the shared meal with family and friends, the leftovers the following day, and delicious aromas of the meal prepared at home. But don’t feel too bad for me.  I have already enjoyed several Thanksgiving meals this year.  Why?

At allrecipes.com we have filmed countless videos for recipes and Thanksgiving menus just this year.  Stuffing, pies, gravy, mashed potatoes, turkeys, and even Pumpkin Fluff Dip, we have prepared it all, tasted it, and I even was able to make a mashed potatoes-turkey-cheese melt sandwich.

My favorite Thanksgiving project was working on this video for Thanksgiving Guide Minute-by-Minute where we show you how to prepare the entire meal on the day of Thanksgiving.  The order in which to prepare the dishes, the prep-ahead steps, and even fit in a few breaks for wine.  Pay close attention and you might just find me in a cameo.  Hint – I am sipping a bubbly cocktail.

And here is a beautiful infographic put together by our Design Team.  Print it out and have it handy on the T-Day, and it’s almost like all of us at Allrecipes.com are there with you, helping you mash the potatoes, season the gravy, and carve the turkey.

Thanksgiving Timed Right

Happy Thanksgiving!