Sometimes I miss being at school.  I miss taking notes, and being a student in the classroom.  This feeling of active learning and participating came back a few weekends ago when I attended the International Food Blogger Conference held by Foodista.com in Seattle, WA.

I would like to share these inspiring quotes and thoughts from a few of the speakers.

The first set of quotes is from Dorie Greenspan, who was the welcoming speaker at the conference.  Dorie is a well-known author of many cookbooks and a well-respected and admired culinary professional.  She charmed the audience with her warmth, candor, and kindness.

The next set of quotes is from the dynamic duo of Andrew Scrivani, the food photographer and stylist for NY Times among many other clients, and Chef John of FoodWishes.



 By the end of the conference, the small notepad was filled with notes, comments, inspirations and to-dos.  The great thing about this, that even though “school section” is over, the learning continues on daily basis.  And next year, I shall attend the next session of IFBC, once again here, in Seattle. The registration is open and once again, food bloggers are being offered an incredible opportunity to attend the conference at a discounted rate, in return for three written posts.  What a deal!