Do you know what GMO means?  Many people don’t, and the answer might surprise you.  GMO stands for genetically modified organisms and we are surrounded by it.  You are likely to be shocked to find out the extent to which GMO penetrates most foods that we eat (primarily corn, soy, canola and sugar).

I attended a screening of GMO OMG last night, a beautiful, thoughtful film which documents a quest of a father who is concerned about the well-being of his three children – what they eat, what’s inside the food, the effect it will have for their future.  The children are cute, smart, bright, and make the movie very enjoyable as well.  There are statistics, data analysis, interviews, phone calls and road trips.  Sprinkled in between are ice cream cones, running through the rain, and fishing.

Regardless of whether you think GMO are harmful or not (to your health, to the environment, etc), don’t you think it is your right to know when GMO are used in food production?  I think so!  And with that, please do vote Yes on 522 to make GMO labeling a legal requirement.

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