Beef, that’s what’s for dinner!  If by dinner you mean fire cooking, that’s exactly what I had a few nights ago during camping.  I tried to recreate shashliki– marinated beef cubes, skewered with onions.  I remember these kabobs from childhood, marinated in vinegar, lots of onions, and salt.
With short notice for camping and last-minute packing and cooking, I tried a quicker, simpler version.

I marinated the cubed beef, onions, and red bell peppers in the brine left from marinated tomatoes.  For added flavor I added a few bay leaves and a handful of coriander seeds.  This worked… to some extent.  Next time, I will surely skip on the coriander seeds and add salt and vinegar to the brine.

To go with the beef kabobs, we baked potatoes, wrapped in foil, and buried under hot coals.  And corn, of course! Grilled directly over the open fire.

Hungry yet?  This was a lovely fire-kissed meal to enjoy in the open space, under the black sky scattered with more stars than you could count.