You might be puzzled by the title of this post: Peanut Butter and Roasted Marshmallow Sandwich with Potato Chips.  Let me explain.

I just came back from my first overnight camping trip with the Artist.  Let’s be honest, I was mostly excited about the food, the nature, and spending the time together away from the city.  The food came first though.

Camping to me is almost synonymous with fire –> marshmallows.  And so, a bag of marshmallows joined us on the ride to mountain Rainier.  The marshmallows were skewered and roasted over the fire on our first evening at the camp site.  There is something unexplainable delectable about charred marshmallows with warm, delicious, gooey inside.

Enjoying a few of those charred marshmallows, sandwiched in between two European-style butter cookies and high-end semisweet chocolate, I thought it’d be a pity to eat roasted marshmallows just once on this trip.  And that’s when the idea of the Peanut Butter and Roasted Marshmallow Sandwich with Potato Chips was born.

The next morning, we toasted four pieces of bread on the open camp fire.  We spread one side of two pieces with crunchy peanut butter and spread roasted marshmallows on top of the other two pieces of bread.  And then the two came together!

But wait… what about the potato chips?  Those joined in later.  As we set out to picnic overlooking the leftover snow and the sprouting blooms, I thought “wouldn’t the potato chips be delicious in between peanut butter and the marshmallows?”  And they surely were!  I used the Kettle black pepper and salt variety.  The salt and sweet came beautifully together creating the perfect sandwich.

Apparently we were too busy eating the sandwiches – there are no final photos.  So you will need to make the sandwich on your own and let me know what you think!

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