For this Meatless Monday, I am kicking it up a notch with photos from my recent trip to Plum Bistro in Seattle.  This beautiful restaurant located in the center of the Capitol Hill area serves creative vegan dishes that will please vegan and their non-vegan friends and family alike.  Stop by for happy hour or enjoy a full on dinner. 

Priya and I went to Plum for happy hour.  After we ordered the cocktails and captured a multitude of photos, we shared delicious (by far my favorite) mushroom cakes (similar to crabcakes), an order of sweet potato fries with several dipping sauces, and a trio of sliders.

I enjoyed our selection quite a bit, thought might have been still a bit hungry (good thing there was chocolate cake awaiting us back home).  The flavor combintations were creative and bright.  This was not an immitation of meat options, rather a creative way of presenting vegan ingredients.