As some of you may know, I teach Knife Skills classes – the essential know-how for every cook in the kitchen.  As part of my classes, I discuss knife safety and a variety of ways to keep the knifes safe.
I’ve been dreaming of a magnetic knife strip for quite some time and am happy to report that the dream is now a reality. 

Usually, the magnetic strips are attached on the kitchen’s backsplash and the knives hang vertically.  The Artist and I hung the strip on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet (ok, he hung it up and I just watched).  The knives are attached to the strip horizontally, taking very little space.  I love it!

If you have kids or pets in your household, I would recommend a different system to store your knives, for safety reason.

Interested in signing up for a Knife Skills class? Let me know – I teach both individual and group classes.

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