Are you hungry for a Mexican Fiesta dinner?  Stay home, skip the drive to the restaurant, and in 30 minutes you will sit down to a spread of black beans, chicken and duck fajita, fresh yogurt cheese, brown rice, and pico de gallo.  How is it possible, you might ask?  With a well stocked refrigerator and pantry and a little bit of culinary innovation.

For the Black Beans, in a sauce pot over medium high heat, saute a chopped onion with minced garlic and ground cumin and chili powder.  Add an undrained can of black beans, 1 bay leaf and water as needed.  Reduce the heat to medium low and simmer the beans, stirring occasionally, until dinner is ready.
For the chicken and duck fajitas, I rescued leftover cooked duck and rotisserie chicken sitting in the refrigerator by slicing it up and cooking in some vegetable oil with slices of red bell pepper, garlic, cumin, chili powder and a little bit of lime juice.  Cook until the meat is reheated through and the pepper is tender.

Reheat brown rice, if you are feeling especially in the mood, you can add sauteed onion and jalapeno with garlic and a generous amount of chopped cilantro.
For the pico de gallo, seed and finely chop a tomato.  Mix it with minced onion, minced garlic, chopped jalapeno and cilantro.  Squeeze of lime juice, salt and peeper season with fresh tomato salsa.
The fresh yogurt cheese was hanging out in the fridge from the shoot.  More cilantro, more lime, and a little bit of chili powder, turned this into a condiment similar to Mexican crema (sour cream).
Pop open a bottle of beer, heat up a few tortillas, and dinner is ready!