I get asked quite a bit about what I do for work.  Well, I work for Allrecipes.com so naturally food is involved.  On the day that I am not in the office, writing scripts for videos, updating a grocery shopping list, or watching mouth-watering recipe videos for quality and content accuracy, I am in the kitchen.  I am in the kitchen in our studio, preparing the recipes, styling the food, and lending my hands to be the stars.  I am also known to say more than once to our videographers, “Do you think there’s too much hand showing?”

This week we shot five recipes in one day.  Here are just a few photos.  I loved each and every one of the recipes and welcome you to make them at home.  Keep checking for the videos to make their debute on our site and on youtube.com

How about slicing five pounds of cabbage, for Sauerkraut?  Surely, you can use a food processor or a mandoline, but if you have mad knife skills, why bother?

As much as my stomach and Korean food do not agree, I love the Korean cuisine and its fermented condiments.  This was the first time I made kimchi with Napa cabbage.  Here, the kimchi is styled with seared tofu and we also mixed it in with brown fried rice, topped with a sunny side up egg.  Be sure to check the recipe for Spicy Cabbage Kimchi.

And as if we didn’t have enough heat for one day, we filmed this recipe for Homemade Horseradish.  If you have a cold or a stuffy nose, get a sniff of this one and you should be cleared up in no time.

Interested to see more?  Let me know, I’ll be happy to share.

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