Last Sunday I had the pleasure of brunching double-date style with one of my most food-ravenous friends.  Lera, I’m talking about you.  I picked Stopsky’s Delicatessen for the occasion and headed over the I-90 Bridge with the Artist.

A bright, casual decor with an enormous wall of family photographs in black and white greeted us at the door.  The service was prompt and friendly.  The waitress didn’t even blink once when the order for alcoholic beverages was placed within seconds of us entering.  Pomegranate mimosa for Lera and blood mary for me.

The Bloody Mary was a piece of art – garnished with a skewer of olive, pickled garlic and cauliflower, the drink was bloody red spicy.  I resisted ordering another one.  Lera’s mimosa came adorned with a booze-soaked apricot.  She refused to let me taste it, and I knew better than to fight her on this one.

The food was alright.  I wish it was better.  Lera and I ordered Latkes Benedict – two latkes patties, topped with sliced pastrami (the pastrami was seared first which was quite lovely, giving it a nice crisp texture), poached duck eggs (upgrade from the regular egg for extra $3) and Hollandaise sauce.

The latkes! Oh how I wanted a crisp potato pancake.  Alas, that did not happen.  The latkes were for the better word gummy. 

The eggs were perfect, buttery, creamy and soft.  I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I tasted the difference between the duck egg and a chicken egg, but it was fun trying.

The boys ordered sandwiches.  The Artist passed the pickle my way immediately.  How I love pickles! And I would have loved to have two or ten more. 

Will I return?  Unlikely.  The company and the bloody mary were clearly the winners at this brunch.  I wished more for the food.  We ended up driving the circular streets of Mercer Island after brunch, looking left and right at over-sized castles on the water.

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