Have you ever been seduced by a piece of dessert?  I’m sure the answer is “yes” for many of us.  In case you are one of the unfortunate people who have not experience this seduction – here is your chance!  This Nutella Banana Chocolate Seduction Tart has a little bit of everything – chocolate, cookie crust, fruit, and nuts!  And lots of butter and sugar.  Be still, my heart.

The beginning: making the chocolate shortbread tart crust:

Be sure your butter is super cold!
The crust goes in!  Poke the bottom of the crust with a fork so it stays nice and flat when baked.
Spread chocolate hazelnut over the cooled crust.
Banana time! I used a banana slicer, but you can slice bananas with a knife as well.

Arrange bananas in a layer over the chocolate hazelnut spread.  I took the time to arranged banana slices in a decorative way, but at the end they are covered with a layer of ganache, so you can’t see them anyway.  You choose how you would like to arrange them.
Once arranged, brush bananas with warmed apricot jam – extra flavor!

Making ganache – cream, butter, chocolate!
And butter!
Chocolate goodness!  Pour ganache over the tart, eliminate the bubbles and chill the tart.  It’s also ridiculously delicious as a frozen dessert!

Garnish with toasted hazelnuts and banana chips.

Eat now!

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