How would you like to start your morning off with a complimentary basket of fresh French pastries?  Perhaps a mini croissant, pane e cioccolata, and a savory scone (French?) with a ramekin filled with apricot jam?  This was exactly how the Artist and I started our Sunday morning brunch at Lynn’s Bistro in Kirkland, Washington.  Ok, truthfully, the morning started with a cup of coffee at home, followed by an oil change, but the other way sounds so much more romantic, doesn’t it?
The bistro was empty when we came in, so the service was fast if somewhat absent-minded.  We were never offered beverages, but were promptly informed of daily specials and then left alone to decide.  That’s when the basket of pastries arrived and kept our hunger at bay.

I chose a Smoked Salmon Benedict served on an English muffin with lobster sauce and a side of roasted potatoes.  I snapped a photo of the plate, gave half of it to the Artist and slowly cut the poached egg in half.  The yolk was perfectly golden and liquid.  As it ran out of the white, it soaked into the English muffin and begged to be eaten.  I obliged.  This was the perfect bite.  I could have done without the potatoes, which were unfortunately al dente.  As much as you want your pasta to be al dente (to the tooth), the roasted potatoes should be perfectly tender inside and crisp on the outside.
The Artist ordered a Wild Mushroom Omelet with Gruyere cheese, onion and cream.  The mushroom resembled duxelles and were heavily seasoned with herbs.  The eggs were perfect – light, rich, creamy from both the cheese and the cream – the ultimate!  Sadly, the Artist’s potatoes must have come from the same batch as mine.  
Regardless, our plates were wiped cleaned, the bread basket was picked empty, and we finished brunch with complimentary plates of fresh fruit.
I look forward to coming back to try Lynn’s infamous crab cakes.
Happy day!
214 Central Way  Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 889-2808