Happy Halloween!  This is my third time (ever) carving a pumpkin and a second year I have gotten together with friends to carve, eat, drink, and hang out ~ thanks Anya for hosting!

Once again, I decided to stay away from the typical Halloween designs and free-hand my own.  I was inspired by paisley and flowing wave-like motives.  This year, I tried surface carving first and then went back with a carving tool to make the holes for the candle light to shine through.  What do you think?

And here is a look at the collective family of pumpkins – aren’t we a talented bunch?

“What’s that pumpkin without light?” you might wonder.  That one belongs to the Artist.  He decided to forego the carving tool and use a sharpie instead.  Check out more of his art on his personal site.


Curious how I carved pumpkin in the previous two years?  Check out pumpkin #1 and pumpkin #2.

Happy Halloween!

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