Last weekend the Artist and I went to pick raspberries.  We didn’t go to a local grocery store, we went straight to the farm.  He picked the Biringer Farm just an hour north of Seattle, a straight up shot on I-5.  We were in luck – it was the last weekend to pick raspberries and there were still plenty of ripe berries.

We ended up collecting seven pounds of raspberries!  I tried to pick slightly under-ripe berries to ensure they will last longer, and simply because I prefer their taste and flavor to a fully ripe raspberry.  A few ripe berries ended up snicking into the cardboard box, however….wonder where they came from!

While we picked, we ate.  Or rather, while we ate the raspberries, we picked a few.  The abundance was hard to resist.  Walking back to the farm, I didn’t want to stop pulling the berries off the bushes.

We ate the raspberries on their own, shared with our parents and took some home.  For the last few days I have enjoyed the raspberries on top of plain yogurt, sprinkled with granola.  Delicious!

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