One of the best things about the weekend is brunch!  Alcoholic beverages in the morning, hanging out with friends, crisp fried potatoes, and bright oozing egg yolks.  As much as I cook brunch at home, I love going out for brunch and have someone else wash the dishes.  Last week, my dear friend Lera took my sister and me to her local neighborhood brunch place – The Fat Hen.  Two words – charming and delicious!

We started with drinks – 1 grapefruit with sparkling wine, and 2 rhubarb fizz with a piece of candied rhubarb inside.  A few of us …. I’m not going to name any names, had a second round of drinks before the end of brunch.

While waiting for our main course to arrive, we nibbled on a bowl of delicious cured olives, bathed in olive oil and dressed with orange zest.

I snapped a photo of my Eggs Benedict served on a house-made English muffin with a thin slice of Canadian bacon, hollandaise and roasted new potatoes.  To make it just a bit healthier I requested an addition of spinach to the eggs. 

These tasted as good, or better, as they looked!  The hollandaise was light and creamy, with just enough acidity.  The potatoes were lovely and tender.  And the running yolk ran around the plate, bringing all the flavors together.

Thank you!

Next time you are in the mood for brunch, stop by at The Fat Hen.

1418 NW 70th st. Seattle, WA 98117
hours:W-F 7:30 – 2:30, F 5-9, S & S 8 – 3

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