Ever wonder where to eat in Seattle?  Wonder no more!  Gourmet.com just published a list of 10 Must-Try Eateries.  How cool is that?

What’s even cooler is the fact that I got to contribute to the list and write about one of my favorite Seattle bakeries:  (full link to the post)

What is the city’s best bakery? And what pastry or bread can’t be missed?

Do not be alarmed by the lines that are likely to greet you on weekdays and weekends at Bakery Noveau. Instead, make your way to the counter and order a double-baked chocolate croissant. This flaky, sweet, buttery pastry packed with dark-chocolate decadence is worth every second of waiting and every penny spent. And don’t miss the jewel-colored macarons. My favorite flavor is cassis, with beautiful black-currant mousse between two wispy almond wafers. Pack your sweets in a brown bag and enjoy them on a stroll along Alki Beach with an unbeatable view of Seattle, rain or shine.

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