Crepes.  The world’s thinnest pancakes.  Round, golden brown, and delicious, they wear many hats.  They can be simple or complex, sweet or savory, but they must be delicious!  I grew up eating my mom’s crepes and finally matured to cook my own.  But when it came to celebrating my birthday with some of my favorite Seattle girlfriends, I turned to Anita’s Crepes

It was an especially cold and rainy Sunday morning and the girls and I huddled outside of this small, charming restaurant, waiting for our table to be ready.  We stared impatiently inside the restaurant, almost drooling, as we saw the lucky patrons sipping on bright orange mimosas and steaming coffee while enjoying plates of crepes, both sweet and savory.  Unfortunately, Anita’s Crepes does not take reservations, but the wait was very much worth it.

Our server was amah-zing!  She quickly put together two tables and got us seated.  Fortunately, we had some time to inspect the menu while we stood outside, waiting for the table, and were ready to order right away once our server returned with our drinks.  Word of advice: the white substance in the little bowls at the table is salt, not sugar.  Do not put it in your coffee…This one is for you, Carly.

I loved the fact that you could order your crepes made from regular flour, buckwheat, or a low-gluten mix (especially great for gluten-conscious guests).

We were all too hungry and too busy talking to take pictures, but everyone truly loved their crepes.  Several of us ordered the mushroom sauce on a side to go along with the crepes – delicious!  Savory, creamy, and earthy, the sauce made the crepes so much richer.

Are you surprised that there was room for dessert?  After all, it was a birthday celebration!  All of us shared this gorgeous dessert crepe (pictured above) filled with sweetened ricotta and candied papaya, and garnished with chantilly, pistachios, powdered sugar, and raspberry sauce.

I am looking forward to visiting Anita’s Crepes this summer to enjoy their crepes on the outside patio.

Anita’s Crepes

4350 Leary Way NW
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 838-9997

Thank you for making my birthday special!

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