I wasn’t the one who wanted to write this list, but the Artist insisted, saying it will be very popular and bring a  new audience to my blog.  “Alright,” I thought, “I shall give this a try.” I am not going to lie — the idea of finding a new audience is quite attractive, but the main reason I chose to write this post is to help new couples navigate one of the most dangerous rooms in the house… the Kitchen!

Keep in mind, the list is written from my perspective.  I consider myself very well acquainted with the kitchen, its tools and gadgets, appliances, towels, plates and platters, and the ingredients inside the refrigerator and the pantry.  My particular audience, the Artist, has a thing or two to learn.  And so I share the lessons and suggestions in no particular order in hope of a happier side-by-side kitchen existence.  Share these rules with your significant other and let me know what happens.

Top Ten List to Teach your Boyfriend when Sharing a Kitchen

1.  Do not put a paring knife inside a drawer filled with measuring spoons, measuring cups, chopsticks, and spatulas.

2.  When drying dishes in a drying rack, place the bowls and cups upside down, so that the water can drip and the dishes will dry faster.  Do not use excuse “the water will eventually evaporate” to explain why it’s ok to place the bowls inside of one another and stack them up inside the drying rack.

3.  If I cook, you clean!  That means washing all of the dishes, not just the plates and the forks we used to eat dinner.  There are cutting boards, pans, pots, knives, etc.

4.  If I give you a grocery list that has only 2 items (limes and chocolate), please do not forget to pick up chocolate!  And while we are on the topic of chocolate, chocolate is always, I repeat, always welcome in my kitchen.

5.  I love when you cook for me.  I will try to stay out of your way and not hover over your shoulder telling you to turn down the heat or add salt.

6.  I make delicious pizza.  Do not judge me on one failed attempt you have tasted months ago.  Instead, pick up some flour, cheese, tomatoes, and a bottle of wine, and let’s make a pizza together.

7.  There are two types of towels in the kitchen: one you use to dry your hands and one that you are not to touch under any circumstances!  The latter is only for decorative purposes.  It is pretty to look at and adds color to the kitchen.  Learn which towel you are allowed to touch and for what purpose and nobody will get hurt!

8.  When washing dishes, you must use soap.  That means dish soap.  And hot water.  Rinse all dishes.  Then soap all dishes.  Then rinse all dishes again and let them dry.  Do not rinse, soap, rinse, and dry one dish at a time.

9.  Be honest.  If you love my food, tell me.  If you don’t like my food, tell me, but try to be nice about it.

10. Stay with me in the kitchen even if you don’t have anything to do.  I love your company and the occasional shoulder massage.

Would you like to add something to the list?  Let me know!

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