In Seattle, we are spoiled by having Pike Place Market right in our backyard, so to speak.  Years ago, I worked within a 2-minute walk from the market and made it my daily lunch destination.  I love taking out-of-town friends to the market to share with them the bounty of the Northwest.  Regardless of the time of the year, you can always be sure to find the freshest and most delicious offerings there.

My love affair with markets must have started in my early childhood.  I remember my grandmother taking my sister and me to the main market in Moscow, Russia where we walked through the aisles and were greeted by old, wrinkly ladies selling sunflower seeds, fat juicy pickles, and my favorite – pickled garlic.

Recently, I experienced a market in Barcelona, Spain and was blown away.  La Boqueria Market (Mercat de la Boqueria) was within a few blocks from our hostel and was a must-see on my nonexistent itinerary.  I could’ve spent hours, or even days, in this magical place, but there were churches to see and museums to browse, and so I snapped a few photos and breathed in the market magic during the allotted time.  If you are lucky enough to spend time in Barcelona, Spain, be sure to visit the market.

Welcome to the market!


… After
Seafood Galore!


Nuts, Chocolates, and Dried Fruit

Fruit Selection

Turned into juice!

What is your favorite market?

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