If you read my blog, you know how much I love soup.  Hot or chilled, brothy, pureed, or chunky, I love it all.  On most occasions I make my own soup.  On some occasions I go out for pho, and on special occasions I go to my parents’ for a bowl of dad’s borcht.

I hardly ever buy prepared soup, but was ready to give it a try when the Bertolli people contacted me and asked my review of their new line of Premium Meal Soups for 2.

I stopped by the frozen section at my local grocery store and picked up Tomato Florentine and Tortellini with Chicken Soup.

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I also picked up Tuscan-Style Beef & Vegetables Soup that I hope to try soon!

Here’s what the ingredients looked like directly out of the frozen bag.  To prepare the soup, I simply emptied the contents of the bag into a pot and added a cup of water.  Once the soup came to a rapid boil, I lowered the heat, covered the pot with a lid and simmered for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

 The soup smelled fantastic.  To be perfectly honest, I would have been happy just with the tomato base – it was cheesy and sweet, creamy and delicious.  I would love to substitute the tortellini and chicken with a sourdough grilled cheese sandwich, but alas, this was not part of the deal.

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  • Stainless steel soup ladle
  • Woven oval bread basket
  • Bertolli reusable freezer bag

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