Hungry to learn how to cook?  Sign up for a class!  Check out the selection of hands-on cooking classes I will be teaching in August at Whole Foods Market in Redmond, WA.  Can’t make it to a class?  Send me a message and we can set up a private.  Happy cooking!

Swordfish Summer Supper
Saturday, August 6th, Noon-2pm $20

Have you cooked with swordfish before? Let’s give it a try together. Swordfish is mild in flavor and has a great meaty texture. Since fish isn’t enough on its own, we’re throwing in a great soup, salad and dessert!

* Sugar Snap Pea Soup with Parmesan Cream
* Pan-Seared Swordfish with Summer Salsa & Arugula
* Jasmine Rice with Cilantro & Lime
* Raspberry & Strawberry Granita

Soup at the Carnation Farmers Market
Tuesday, August 9th, 3-6pm

Join us at the Carnation Farmers Market for Stone Soup Kitchen. Our Culinary Center Director, Anna Berman, will demonstrate how to make soup from fresh, in season produce. The last few times, Anna made Cream of Asparagus Soup and Smoked Salmon Summer Chowder. Soup will be available for sale along with fresh baked bread from a local vendor and butter from Golden Glen Creamery. Proceeds benefit the Market.

Health Starts Here
Thursday, August 11th, 6-8pm $20

Healthy food is definitely not boring, but can be tricky sometimes. Come over to Salud to try these recipes packed with nutrient dense ingredients and flavor. We’ll be sure to take care of your stomachs and your hearts.

* Chicken & Grape Salad with Cashew Tarragon Dressing
* Wheat Berries Salad with Lemon Miso Vinaigrette
* Eggplant Garbanzo Dip
* Red, White & Blue Fruit Salad with Almond Dip

Spanish Supper
Thursday, August 18th, 6-8pm $20

The Spanish Tapas class last month sold out before I could say “Ole!” This month, the flavors of Spain are back with this comforting and delicious supper.

* Goat Cheese Baked in Tomato Sauce with Grilled Bread
* Spanish Potato Salad
* Roasted Chicken Breasts with Romesco Sauce
* Lemon Sponge Cake with Raspberry Coulis

French for Beginners
Friday, August 19th, 6-8pm $20

Let’s start with these simple, French classic dishes adapted for a home cook.

* French Onion Soup
* French Flag Salad
* Individual Ham & Cheese Quiches
* Berry Crepes with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Knife Skills 101
Saturday, August 20th, Noon-2pm $20

A great class for a new or a seasoned cook! Learn proper cutting technique that will save you time in the kitchen. We’ll also save you some tears and cuts while teaching you how to slice, dice, chiffonade and julienne. We will also talk about taking care of your knives and keeping them sharp.

Kids Summer Camp – France, Japan, Italy, Greece, and India
Monday, August 22nd – Friday, August 26th, Noon-2pm $30 individual class, $125 for all 5

School’s out! Time for summer vacation. Why not spend a few hours of your kid’s free time in our kitchen learning about global cuisine? Each day, we’ll learn about a particular country, cook several recipes from its cuisine, and most importantly, enjoy eating our creations! This camp is for 12-15 year olds.

Cooking with the Season
Wednesday, August 31st, 6-8pm $20

Let’s celebrate seasonal cooking and all it has to offer! Once a month, we’ll gather in the kitchen and cook with seasonal produce. August in the Northwest puts a spotlight on triple tomatoes, potatoes, halibut, peaches and blackberries.

* Tomato Gazpacho
* Grape Tomato & Avocado Greek Salad
* Halibut en Papillote with Summer Vegetables
* Young Potatoes with Herb Butter Sauce
* Blackberry & Peach Buttermilk Cobbler

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