This has very little to do with actual cooking or snacking, but since the conversation did happen in the kitchen, while I was teaching a kids summer cooking camp, I thought it’s only fair and appropriate that I share it with you.

On the second day of camp, when the kids felt already quite feisty and comfortable with me, the following convestaion took place between me and a 10-year-old boy.  Let’s call him Peter.

Peter: do you have a kid?
Me: no
Peter: are you married?
Me: no
Peter: are you engaged?
Me: no
Peter: do you have a boyfriend?
Me: no
Peter: wow, you say “no” a lot!
Me: well, you’re asking, I’m answering.
Peter: do you have a crush on someone?
Me: sure!
Peter: is that like being in love? are you going to marry him?
Me: let’s go cook something!