Have you gone out on a perfect blind date?  You meet, you see, you talk, and you fall in love.  You can’t wait to see that person again.  Sounds familiar?  That was my experience at Uneedaburger – a Fremont burger joint in Seattle.  I love their buttered buns, they were crisp and so decadent.  They perfectly held a medium rare beef patty, covered with charred chile peppers.  I must’ve talked Uneedaburger so much that people started asking me if I was working on commission – I wasn’t, I just wanted to share my burger joy with others.

So when it came time for my friend’s birthday celebration, I suggested we go to Uneedaburger. As I waited for her, somewhat impatiently, sitting outside at one of the benches, I had butterflies in my stomach.  Would the 2nd time around be just as good?  Memories of some of my second dates filled my mind and my heart.  Remember seeing someone for the second time and feeling the original magic disappear right before your eyes?  I was silently saying the prayer that the same wouldn’t happen with my new favorite burger joint.
This time around, I chose to order #8: Crimini mushroom burger with procini mushrooms, black truffle salt, shallots, and Gruyere cheese.  Sounded amazing, but I wanted a stronger punch from the cheese, so I asked for Blue.  Medium rare please, with pickles on a side.  The burger was slightly overcooked and needed a bit more seasoning.  I was slightly let down – 2nd date, what are you doing to me?

The onion rings, however were perfect!  Greasy, crisp, with sweet onion hiding inside.  They had a certain glow to them!

My friend chose the same burger I had on my first “date” – #5 Sonora burger with roasted chili relish, and cilantro (no cheese for her).  She was expecting a bit more heat from the relish and more cilantro flavor.

Next time – I will order an extra side of pickles and perhaps will try their Lamb burger.  Yes, there will be date #3 🙂