On my day off, I found myself back in the kitchen testing yet another recipe for Robyn Webb.  This time I was roasting brussels sprouts with sauteed onions and pancetta.  Other than setting off my fire alarm for 5 long, painful minutes, the recipe came out well.  I love when the house smells like pancetta or bacon.

Not wanting to waste a hot oven, I wrapped beets in foil to get roasted and combined chicken thighs, carrots, and onion to be baked.  At the end I was hungry.  Having a bowl of brussels sprouts on their own didn’t seem appropriate enough.

That’s when I reached for the last egg in the refrigerator, got it poached, and served on top of brussels sprouts with a shaving of Parmesan.  Satisfying, delicious, easy, and quite beautiful!

What’s the last meal you cooked just for yourself?

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