We all have at least one in our kitchen and use it on daily basis.  It might be straight, curved, or serrated.  Some are shorter than others, but just as useful.  Others are white (ceramic) or stainless steel.  I’m talking about a knife, of course.  The most useful tool in the kitchen, if used correctly.

I have been teaching knife skills classes for years, and it’s my favorite class to teach.  I always feel like a first grade teacher who teaches the young students how to use a pen – hold it correctly, don’t lift it off the paper, etc.

Many of you have asked for a private group class, and now it is going to happen!  Bring your cutting board and a knife to learn how to slice, dice, roll, fillet, and chiffonade.  I will provide onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers and basil.  At the end of the class, I will demonstrate techniques for cutting a mango, avocado, segment an orange and mince ginger.

My friend, Myra Kohn of Seattle Bon Vivant will graciously host us on Sunday, June 26th for a hands-on Essential Knife Skills class.  We will get started at 12pm.  Plan for a 1.5-2-hour class.

I will be happy to talk about knife care, sharpening, give you tips about purchasing a knife and answer any of your questions to my best ability.  Please email me directly if you would like to attend.

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