If sharing is caring, then I’m definitely cared for!

Yesterday, I got a delivery from my sister (aka Mango Tomato).  She recently attended Eat Write Retreat in Washington, DC where she was the official photographer for the conference.  As such, she got a pretty fabulous swag bag and generously shared some of the items with me!  Thanks 🙂  If you are interested, you can read about her experience as a photographer at a conference here.

SoftWorks OXO Stainless Steel LiquiSeal Travel Mug
Mine is actually magenta in color, which is even cooler!  And it’s BPA free, double wall insulated and spill proof.  Since I already have a tea mug, this will be dedicated to coffee.

OXO Soft Works LiquiSeal™ Travel Mug - Silver (13.5 oz.)
Photo from Amazon.com

Multi-functional Apple-shaped Slicer Jacinth (in red)

Multi-functional Apple-shaped Slicer Jacinth
Photo from Gadgettown.com

OXO Good Grips Pepper Mill with Pink Peppercorns from My Spice Sage.  I love the fact that you can see exactly how much spice you have in the spice grinder. And having the hand-operated handle makes me feel like I’m using an ancient appliances.  Trying to figure out what to do with pink peppercorns.  Perhaps truffles! Any suggestions from you?

OXO Good Grips Pepper Mill
Photo from Amazon.com

And last, but not least, my own purchase!  Hand-painted ceramic bowls from Ross.  Now, there’s a story about these bowls that I am not going to choose on line, but if you care to find out what it is, please let me know!  These bowls are not exactly what I was looking for, but they are definitely an improvement from eating out of a plastic bowl.

What’s next in the kitchen?  I’m thinking I am in definite need of a food processor and hand mixer.  What’s on your list?