Last year, for Mother’s Day, I made my mom mini frittatas with sausage, broccoli and cheese, baked directly inside a muffin tin.  These individual servings of eggs were a big hit with my mom and many of you out there have liked the recipe as well (thank you!)

When this Mother’s Day approached, I asked my mom what would she like me to cook for dinner.  Surprisingly, she had something else in mind – she wanted me to clean her refrigerator.  As glamorous as it might be, this wasn’t exactly my idea of fun, but since I asked, I could hardly refuse her.  
So there I was, over at my parents’ house, cleaning the refrigerator after spending 6 hours working in a busy bakery on Mother’s Day.  But the story doesn’t end there.  Afterall, I showed up to the house with a bouquet of flowers and a bag of groceries – there was dinner to be made!
(Photographing risotto turned out harder than expected).

What did you cook or eat this Mother’s day?