In the last few years, I’ve lived in 4 states (I promise, I’m not running away from law).  Each time I moved, I packed my car to the bream with my most valued possessions.   One of those possessions was a large box of wine corks – saved over the years from wine bottles.  The box also contained a few champagne corks, a few corks from good bottles of balsamic vinegar, and some corks donated by friends.  Each time, I would look at the box of corks and wonder – what am I to do with it?

Making a cork board, a trivet, or even a reef has crossed my mind, but I just haven’t gotten to it.  At least not yet.  So for now, I came up with this idea.

I recently finally invested in some furniture, and the coffee table arrived yesterday!  I love the extra storage that it provides and decided to take advantage of the glass top for display purposes.  Using a wooden tray (recycled from a catering gig), I filled it with the corks and voila!  
Glass of wine now? 🙂  If you have any extra wine corks and would like to donate them, please let me know!