I’ve been thinking about breakfast a lot lately.  I just recently wrote about my idea for savory cottage cheese with vegetables and poached eggs in green olive caponata.  And today, I’m thinking carbs!  I might be thinking, craving, and dreaming about carbs especially since this is the first year I am trying to observe Passover rules.  Not as easy as I thought.  So as I’m sitting here, thinking about bread, I thought I would share with you the quintessential breakfast I had just a few weeks ago in New York at Pick-a-Bagel.

One might be overwhelmed by the options – the variety of bagels and flavored cream cheese looked endless.

What a girl to do?  My sister and I decided to share.  We opted for a larger in diameter, but thinner version of  the bagel with a very generous schmear of White Fish spread and sliced tomatoes.  Add a side of sour and half sour pickles, a cup of coffee, and breakfast is served!  

Do you like your bagels toasted or not?  I’m a big fan of a toasted version and these New York bagels were perfect!  Lovely and crisp on the outside, they had a perfect barrier against the white fish spread – no soggy bagels here!

If you are lucky to live in New York city, stop by and pick up a bagel.  I would love to hear from you what’s your favorite combination is.