“Hungry? Grab a Snicker!” is not for me.  When the hunger hits, I tend to gravitate towards savory, salty, and the spicy.  Last Friday night, driving home after work, cooking was the last thing on my mind.  I was hungry and in need of nourishment.  My mind was racing from Indian, to sushi, to Thai.  For a second I considered making hummus and pita chips and that’s when I knew exactly what I was craving!

Lucky for me, I live close to Mr. Gyro’s.  Luck was on my side, the rain slowed down, there was a parking spot right in front of the restaurant, and it took me less than 2 minutes to decide what I wanted to order for my take out.  Combo plate please!  I selected lamb gyro and falafel balls ($9.49).  Traditionally, all plates come with hummus or baba ganoush, rice, Greek salad and pita.  I wasn’t in the mood for rice and asked for a substitution suggestion.  We decided on both hummus and baba ganoush.

Standing in line, waiting for my food to be prepared (right in front of my eyes, in a very small but efficient space) I suddenly realized – I wanted fries.  And in Mr. Gyro’s you don’t get just regular fries – you get Greek fries!  Fresh out of the oil the fries are sprinkled with oregano and feta cheese.  Piping hot and delicious, still crispy, yet perfectly cooked through, the fries were a perfect addition. You can’t imagine how delicious and tempting my car smelled!
Once at home, I decided not to bother with the formalities of a plate.  I did have a place mat though, if that counts for anything.  And I even squeezed a fresh lemon wedge into diet coke.
Let’s get to the food.  I will start with the “needs some work” and finish with “delicious, please don’t change.”
In the “needs some work” are the Greek Salad and the falafel balls.  I’m sorry to say, but the way the salad came, it might as well have been called “Onion salad with tomatoes and feta.”  The onion was overwhelming to say the least.  The falafel balls, I believe, were undercooked – while there was some nice crunch on the outside, the inside was obviously raw and chewy.  Lucky for me, there were only 2 falafel balls in this plate.
The rest of the plate was perfection.  The lamb gyro was by far the best I’ve had in a long time.  Traditionally, cut into very thin strips, these lamb gyro pieces were thick, tender, and juicy (it is taking everything in me not to say “moist”).  I’ve already discussed the fries, which leaves us with hummus and baba ganoush (I didn’t bother eating pita until the next day when I used it for a grilled ham & cheese quesadilla).  Both dips were precisely what I was hoping for.  The hummus was a well balanced combination of chickpeas, tahini, lemon and just enough of garlic.  The baba ganoush looked deceptively simple, but the smoke flavor from roasted eggplant spoke volumes and made me wish for more.
This being my second visit to Mr. Gyro’s, it’s safe to say that I will be back.  And perhaps I’ll give falafel balls one more try.  Thank you!