Four months after acquiring a new kitchen, I’m happy to report that from now on, “Snacking in the Kitchen” will be happening sitting down, instead of standing up or sitting on the floor.  Thanks to my good friend Era, I am a happy and proud owner of 4 bar stools!

The search has been quite challenging to say the least.  The combination of style, price, availability was a tough one to find and I spent many mornings, days, and nights, standing up by the kitchen counter, eating.  My visitors have done the same, or settled for a more casual dining – on the floor.  I am happy to report that “on the floor” option will continue to be available.

I assembled all four chairs and did my best to tighten up the bolts and screws.  But just in case, every visitor will be signing a consent waiver, taking complete responsibility for a potential chair failure 🙂

In the near future, I plan to reupholster the chairs (as much I am a fan of fake black leather – ok, I’m really not, but that’s how they came).  I might wait for the couch (it will come eventually), or be brave and choose a fabric for the upholstery.  Feel free to send your recommendations.

For now, I look forward to sitting at the bar in my own kitchen and enjoying a meal with you!  Bon Appetit!

(Chairs are from Fred Meyer where they are buy 1 get 1 free this week with an additional 10% discount)