Sometime ago I was in search of a dining experience in Seattle. Granted, Seattle has quite a few of dining experience, I was having a hard time picking one (indecision on my part should not be so surprising).  I turned to the few experts (friends and twitter and facebook) and solicited advice.  A bunch followed, but I was still not convinced.  
That’s when my friend Keren (aka the Frantic Foodie) came to the rescue.  In a rush, I rattled off the list of wants (aka demands) to her and somehow she nailed it!  She suggested Gorgeous George’s.  Alright, so the name itself had me curious.  But when she mentioned that it was the best Mediterranean in Seattle and just minutes away from me, I knew I couldn’t resist.  And so we went and dined.

(Thank you for having fresh flowers on the table.  Even a bigger thank you for the fresh flower not being a carnation.)

Quick write up from the restaurant’s site: Come enjoy the hospitality and fine Mediterranean cuisine prepared with a touch of perfection by Chef George.  Whether a quick lunch or a special night out, everyone is welcomed with open arms. On the menu you will find a blend of family recipes, and dishes made with George’s special flare, with spices direct from the Holy Land.

(Is the table too small or are there too many plates on the table?)
You might be curious what the picture above depicts.  Or perhaps you are too hungry to wonder.  Either way, let me tell you – the above is the appetizer platter.  That’s right – ONE appetizer platter.  It could easily be shared by two people for lunch.  For the most part, I enjoyed every little plate, but there were definite highlights and sadly a few misses.  
My favorites by far were a plate of olives (surprise, surprise) and eggplant dip (which was smoky and spicy and blended just enough – in other words the texture did not remind me of baby food).  The fallafel balls were quite light and brightly flavored with fresh herbs.  I didn’t even mind that the crispy outside was somewhat destroyed by the tahini sauce.
To be improved were the tabbouleh – perhaps a touch of salt and lemon juice could do wonders for this bulgur and herb salad.  To enjoy each dish I was hoping for warm, light-as-a-cloud disks of pita bread.  And while the pita bread was served, it was hardly warm or fresh-out-of-the-oven.  Better luck next time?  
With great food comes great service and both of our servers were attentive and friendly.  By the end of dinner there was no room for dessert, as tempting as it was to get a piece of baklava.  I look forward to my next visit to try Chef George’s other dishes.  Bon Appetit