New apartment, new kitchen has meant no plates, no bowls.  I’ve been looking for several months already but have yet to find something that I love.  Please, if I see another Fiesta dish set, I might just lose all hope.  It’s tricky.  I’m looking for solid, but light salad plates and cereal/soup bowls.  Not really interested in sauces, cups, etc.  So far I’ve been eating out of storage containers and mixing bowls. It’s been fun!

Then today, on my trip to Marshalls, I came across Lenox Chrip salad plates, on clearance!

Simply Fine Lenox® Chirp 4-pc  Place Setting Simply Fine Lenox® Chirp Dinner Plate

I’ve seen the plates before, and if you know me, you know how much I love turquoise color.  So I thought and thought, and ended up buying all 4 plates at $10 each.  (They are sold at Lenox for $27 each). Now what?  I would really love to buy a few more and then some matching bowls.

I am concerned a bit about how food will look against the turquoise.  Thoughts?

Simply Fine Lenox® Chirp  Bowl or Simply Fine Lenox® Chirp All Purpose Bowl

These gorgeous bowls are $30 each!  No way, I will keep on looking for a better deal.  If you see them on sale, clearance, please let me know 🙂

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