Alright, so perhaps I’m the only one who thinks “Pho on the Floor” is cute and funny.  Prove me wrong!  Basically, I have yet to purchase any living room furniture.  And I was feeling under the weather.  And my friend came for a visit.  So we went to a local Than Brothers Pho and picked up containers of steaming fragrant broth, a block of rice noodles (not a joke! look at the picture below, the noodles really did come in a tightly compressed block), vegetables, and in my case thin slices of still frozen steak!

Have I mentioned that I’m still in search of perfect plates and bowls?  So we used my plastic prep bowls and sat on the floor.  And ate.  And chatted.  And caught up.  And made fun of the Bachelor.  It was a great night!
What do you love in your pho?  I’m a big fan of lots of basil, cilantro, Sriracha, Hoisin, and lots and lots of lime juice (fresh please!).  That’s how I’ve been eating my pho until my pho buddy Alla opened my eyes to vegetables in the pho!  I have never been the same, and neither has my bowl of pho.  Since that first discovery, I have always been ordering pho with extra vegetables.  You never know you might get – sometimes you are delighted with fresh cabbage, carrots, and broccoli.  At other times you are “gifted” with a frozen mix of peas, corn and carrots.
What made this dinner even sweeter was dessert! Than Brothers are known for their cream puffs.  That’s right.  A Vietnamese restaurant that gives you a cream puff as soon as you sit down and place your order.  Normally, I would eat the cream puff before the pho arrives, but this time I’ve exercised some restraint and waited until I slurped the last bit of broth.  Have you noticed how the last few spoon-fulls of broth is the most delicious and also the spiciest (Sriracha!)?  Hmm… So yes, the cream puff.  Delicious on its own but even better with Nutella and raspberry jam.