This flan has been in the making for quite a few months.  There came a point when I was slightly doubtful that it would ever make its appearance.  And then, when I almost gave up, there it was!  Home made and hand delivered.  Cold, in a glass ramekin, covered with aluminum foil, it arrived at my door.  Dinner plans put the flan consumption on hold, so it was left to hang out in the fridge with a few other containers.

Late morning, hungry stomach, could mean only one thing!  It was breakfast time, and it was flan time.

I suppose I could eat the flan right out of the glass container, but why?  Here’s a trick to un-mold the flan.  Pour hot water into a larger bowl.  Take a small knife and run it against the edge of the flan, loosening it up.  Then, quickly, lower the flan into hot water – this will slightly melt the caramel layer on the bottom.

Ready to go?  Wipe the bottom of the flan bowl (to avoid water on the plate), cover the flan with a serving plate, say a prayer and invert. If you’re lucky, the flan will happily flop out of its dish right onto your plate.  The caramel will follow and form a lovely sweet puddle around the flan.  Eat time!