Breakfast happens to be one of my favorite meals…maybe…perhaps. I guess it depends on the day.  Lately, breakfast has meant a container of Plain Non Fat Voskos Greek Yogurt (free, courtesy of my sister) sprinkled with Udi’s Hawaiian Granola, and an orange.  And maybe a cup of coffee, if I’m feeling particularly sleepy.  I remember back in the day, I would eat a bowl of reheated borcht from the night before and be happy and full and ready for the day!

And then there are days when I crave nothing other than eggs and bacon.  But I digress.  Last week, we had breakfast at Beth’s Cafe by Greenlake.  After years of living in Seattle, I honestly don’t have an explanation why this was the first time I visited this charming 24-hour diner.  Apparently they are famous for their 6 and 12-egg omelets.  So in we went.  First thing I noticed, or rather smell, was toasted, buttered, grilled bread – a great sign of what was to come!
We settled on a 6-egg omelette (to share, for two, worth an extra sharing $$ charge).  The omelette (ok, I would spell this as “omelet“, but the menu says “omelette” so who am I to object?)  was oozing with cream cheese and filled with chunks of smoked salmon.  Perhaps green onions were added for good measure.  And if this wasn’t enough, the omelette was served on giant hash browns.  I’m picky about potatoes and these were close to perfect!  Cooked through and crispy on the outside. Want more?  Ask for another heaping serving – afterall, these are unlimited hash browns.  
We should’ve stopped right then and there, but why?  We decided to splurge on a pancake and got a bit creative with the jam 🙂  
The point of the story – next time you’re hungry for breakfast, or breakfast for dinner, or breakfast at 2am, you should stop by Beth’s Cafe and share one of their omelettes with someone you care about.