One of these days I will have my own kitchen.  Yesterday, I took a full advantage of my discount at Sur La Table to buy a few things for my future kitchen.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – so excited about this purchase.  I hear a lot of you have received cast iron skillets from your grandmothers.  I wasn’t so lucky.  So finally I decided to buy one.  What to cook first in it?  I’m thinking chicken!

Plastic flexible cutting boards, color coordinated, with non-slip bottom to prevent them from slipping.

A wine decanter – I’ve used it before as a juice pitcher or a vase.

Centro Glass Pitcher

‘The Grid’ Silicone Pot Holders in Lime Green

‘The Grid’ Silicone Pot Holders

Terra Cotta Collection Dip Bowls

Now that I’m looking on the website, I think I’ll get a set of nestling bowls too (more useful).
Nested Glass Mixing Bowl Set
I also picked up a few wooden spoons, a microplane and an apple corer (for my mom).  I’m sure there are a few more things on my list – perhaps a Classic Scanpan Skillet
Scanpan® Classic Skillets
Shun Classic Chef’s Knife

What would you get for your kitchen?