I grew up in a Jewish family that didn’t keep kosher.  Russian shashlik (marinated pork cubes, skewered with onions and roasted over fire), cured pork belly and bologna were all regular guests at our dining table.  I’m a fan of pork.  Never had I imagined though that I’d consume so much pork at one time that my Jew membership might be at risk.  Enter Foodbuzz and Cochon 555.

It was just another day at work, when an email from Foodbuzz popped into my inbox with a very enticing subject line: Win Tickets to Cochon 555.  No catch, you just had to be the first one to respond.  And so I did, hoping and praying and visualizing lots of pork goodness in my future.  I have to say, I hardly ever win anything, so imagine my surprise, shock, and amazement when I got an email back saying that I was the lucky winner!  The countdown to pork began.

The line up for Cochon 555 in Seattle presented 5 Chefs:
John Sundstrom from Lark
Adam Stevenson from
Earth & Ocean
Anthony Hubbard from
Chow Foods
Chester Gerl from
Matt’s in the Market
Tamara Murphy from
Brasa Restaurant

and 5 Wineries:

Glass and camera in hand, with my friend Lorelei on my side, I entered the pork heaven aka Bell Harbor International Conference Center.  The smell of pork and wine permeated the room, the crowd buzzed with excitement and my stomach called for action.

We stopped by a beautiful cheese & bread display courtesy of Marcina Bakery.  A little cheese, a little bread, a sip of red wine and it was on to the pork.

Our first stop was Anthony Hubbard from Chow Foods who also happens to be the last year’s winner.

Sparkling Pork-Apple Cider?  Yes, you read it correctly.  The pork is no longer just for roasts, tacos, and BBQ.  The chefs took the liberty of using pork in desserts (can you say bacon and apple ice cream?)

Lorelei leisurely walked from one station to the next, refilling our glasses, and stopping to say hello to some friends.  There were some delicious and inspiring bites but my favorite came from Chester Gerl of Matt’s in the Market.
On the plate (I’m hoping I’m doing the food justice):
Tomatillo posole with pork (duh!), radishes, cilantro, and popcorn that has been popped in pork fat (well, but of course!)
Roasted pulled pork in a spicy tomato sauce
Mole ice cream on a chicharrones (lightly sprinkled with cinnamon) – rich, smooth, and crunchy all in one, it was a winner!  (in my eyes at least, unfortunately Matt’s in the Market did not win).

A few more delicious bites:
John Sundstrom from Lark does a pork “slider” and also bacon & apple ice cream (not pictured).

Another version of posole by Tamara Murphy from Brasa Restaurant.  And the everything-pickled addict in me loved the pickled watermelon rind.  Also not pictured is the pimento ice cream sandwiches.

Here’s for the sad truth.  By the time Lorelei and I reached John Sundstrom from Lark, the food was gone!  (there must’ve been a lot of very hungry people!)  And guess who was crowned the champion of the pork battle?  That’s right – John Sundstrom!  Guess it means that a trip to Lark is in the future.

So big thank you to Foodbuzz and Cochon 555 for a wonderful, filling wine & dine experience.