I’ve always enjoyed cooking with children.  Their eagerness and honesty make them perfect students.  They ask the best and funniest questions. Their little faces tell you exactly what they think about something that you just cooked.

I was watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and was beyond astonished to learn that some children can’t recognize what a potato is, but can easily identify frozen french fries and chicken nuggets. That one clip, had so much power for so many people and gave a rise to the Seattle’s Chapter of Food Revolution.  Started by HsiaoChing Chou, the Seattle Chapter is growing and I was so happy to take a part in it.

As part of its mission, the JOFRSEA offers free cooking classes for kids at local markets.  Last Saturday, I went to the University District Farmers Market to make some spring rolls with kids.  There was even a sign with my name to make it all official!

The spring rolls are a perfect interactive and easy recipe to make with your children.  All you need is rice paper, hot water, ingredients for the filling and sauce.  The rolling possibilities are endless.

We used carrots, cucumbers, basil, tofu, and lettuce as our filling.  The dipping sauce was a quick stir of soy, lime juice and garlic.

The kids were eager to roll and were happy with results!



Thank you so much to Valentina Vitols for gorgeous photography!