After living in Texas for 6 years and doing a 6-month stint in Alabama, I know a thing or two about good bbq.  And last night, on the way home, BBQ was exactly what I was craving for dinner.  I thought that Casper’s Taste of South would do the trick. 

The exterior is a bright orange that you can’t miss driving on Aurora.  There’s plenty of parking, and in case the food wasn’t up to my standards, there’s a Safeway next door.

I ordered a pulled bbq pork sandwich with onions and coleslaw.  Sadly, the restaurant was out of fried green tomatoes, so I settled for fried pickles and a side of the potato salad.  The food was alright.  The pork could’ve been more tender, and the salad could’ve had more punch.  The pickles were my favorite.

Funny bathroom signage:

I honestly don’t see myself coming back to the restaurant, so if anyone has bbq recommendations for Seattle, please let me know!