Pictures are up! Write up to come soon.

Phillip Klitzner, Owner/Director of Operations, Nosh Away Inc. Catering

Dairy-Free Clam Chowders (Traditional and Manhattan).

Dairy-Free Flan with Spun Sugar.  Secret?  Phillip uses non-dairy creamer and you would never know the difference.  The flan was rich and smooth.  All it needed was a cup of coffee.

Next contestant, Rod Lapasin, Director of Catering & Conference Services at Olympic Hotel.

Potato planks getting ready for the oven.  Think of dairy-free version of scalloped potatoes, but better!  Thin layers of potatoes are cut into rectangular shapes.  Caramelized onions are sandwiched between the layers of potatoes acting as glue, while adding sweetness.

Salmon skewers awaiting the oven. Honestly, I’d be probably happy to eat them as is.  Baked with herbs and lemon zest, they are still delicious.  A garnish of pickled onions adds a nice acidity against the rich and fatty salmon.

Ready for main course?  Yes!  Lamb chops coated with mustard and herb bread crumb crust.  Served with potato planks and roasted asparagus.  Not the easiest thing to eat while standing up, but worth every bite.

Dessert time.  I call this a Twice-Baked-Almond Brittle.  This brittle was my favorite part of dessert.  Next with it, chef made raspberry granita and macerated strawberries (probably with balsamic vinegar an some sugar).

Last but not least was Leah Jaffee, of Leah’s Catering of Seattle.